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Medical and Dental Services:


Medical Services:

    For student, faculty and employee:


  1. Free Medical consultation

  2. Free Medicines (starter dose only)

  3. Free first aid treatment:

          a. Wound Dressing

          b. Oxygen Inhalation

          c. Nebulization (for difficulty of breathing/asthma)

          d. Hot and Cold Compress (for trauma or injury)

          e. Minor Surgery (if needed)

          d. Blood Pressure Monitoring

   4. If hospitalization is needed patient will be accompanied by our clinic staff

       to a nearby hospital for further evaluation and management.


Dental Services:

     Free Services:

  1. Dental consultation

  2. Tooth extraction

  3. Oral prophylaxis (scaling)

  4. Temporary Filling

  5. Medicine (pain reliever, anti inflammatory) (starter dose only)



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