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MBA Admission Requirements

            For New Students:
           For the admission into the master's program, only those students who graduated from the baccalaureate degree program with at least an average rating of 85%, or B, or 2 in the entire course shall be considered eligible. However, by way of exception, students with a lower general average than the prescribed admission qualification may initially be admitted to the non-degree program and after satisfactory compliance with prescribed admission criteria may formally be admitted to the degree program upon recommendation of the ad hoc committee and approval of the Dean/Associate Dean. 

1.   Application for admission to the graduate program

2.   Original Transcript of Records

3.   Two character recommendations

4.   Two (2) recent pictures (passport size)

5.   Certificate of employment (if employed)

6.   Copy of marriage contract if Transcript of Records is still in Maiden Name

7.   Pass Entrance Examination

8.   Personal interview

DBA Admission Requirements

          1.  The applicant must be a holder of the Master’s degree preferably, a Master in Business Administration (MBA)                         (Thesis Program). However, the students who completed “Research Methodology” and “Project Research and                       Development” subjects as part of MBA program (Non-Thesis) can also be accepted upon the approval of the                         Dean/Associate Dean.

            2. The students with Master's degree other than MBA and MBA without Research Methodology and Project Research                  and Development subjects are required to complete at least nine (9) and six (6) additional units of COGNATE                        subjects in the DBA respectively. The additional units shall be prescribed by the Dean/Associate Dean of the                        Graduate School of Business (GSB). 

      3.  Must have occupied at least 2 years of executive/managerial position in a business organization or a government      organization.

       4.  Must be proficient in writing management reports, analysis and recommendations.

       5. Must be proficient in English, both oral and written.

       6.  Must pass the DBA entrance examination.

       7.  Must be of good moral character. 

      8. Must pass the interview by the Admission Committee/ Dean/Associate Dean.

       9. The final decision rests with the Dean/Associate Dean of GSB.

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